Cranky Cat Socks

Connor Claire

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  • Cranky Cat Socks
  • Cranky Cat Socks
  • Cranky Cat Socks

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If there’s anything I know about cats, it’s that cats are cranky, and they will do absolutely nothing to hide the fact that they’re cranky. When Tabs wakes me up every morning (least reliable alarm clock ever, I tell ya), does he ever stare at me tenderly, with a loving, gentle expression in his eyes? Errr... no. He always looks like he’s about two seconds away from clawing my eyes out if I don’t get out of bed now and get my booty into the kitchen to open up his can of breakfast gravy LIKE RIGHT NOW. Every crazy cat lady knows cats always have *that look*, which is why you’ll love to the Cranky Cat Socks, which need to get on your feet, like, right meow.

Absolutely none of the kitties that pepper this pair of fanciful feline socks are smiling, because -- hello! -- both you and I know that kitties don't get down that way. The brown kitty with the black tabby stripes between his ears appears to be smirking in mild amusement over your incompetence as a human being, while the gray kitty looks like he’s plotting how to plunder your turkey sandwich. The moment you take your eyes off your plate, BAM! You're left with two sad pieces of wheat bread and a limp lettuce slice.

The cats on these socks are crabby, man. But really, would we, members of the International Collective of Crazy Cat Ladies (ICCL), have it any other way?

I don’t think so. We love 💕 and accept our feline friends for who they are. 

The Cranky Cat Socks are made from a soft, comfortable cotton blend and come in a single size, Medium, which fits a women’s shoe size 5-10 (U.S.). The neutral shades of beige, brown and black (with a touch of yellow; see the whiskers on some of the kitties?) go with most outfits, so you’ll find yourself reaching for these socks often.

Please note that this is an imported item, which takes longer to ship. After your order is processed, it will take 3-4 weeks to arrive at your doorstep.

• Available in one size, a women's shoe size 5-10 (U.S.)
• Imported, expect longer than usual shipping time
• Cotton blend
• About 15 ½" inches long

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