Tabby Boys Are the Best Boys Socks

Connor Claire

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  • Tabby Boys Are the Best Boys Socks
  • Tabby Boys Are the Best Boys Socks
  • Tabby Boys Are the Best Boys Socks
  • Tabby Boys Are the Best Boys Socks
  • Tabby Boys Are the Best Boys Socks

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The prestigious Cat Fanciers' Association recognizes 42 different breeds of distinguished feline fabulousness for showing in the Championship Class, but of all the glorious kitty cats out there (and each one is a star in their own right), tabby boys are the best boys. 😊

They’re the sweetest, most loving, most attentive kitty babies on the block.

They're also mama's boys, which I realize may sound contradictory to the diva-esque public persona Tabs likes to project, but I’m going to let you in on a little secret (shhh!)...

Here it is: most of that posturing is for show. 🙀

It's true! He has a reputation to protect, after all. He's actually very cuddly and affectionate, and if he’s not on my lap or draped across my shoulder (or El Hub's), he's somewhere close enough to offer some sweet, sweet tabby lovin’ whenever the mood strikes.

He’s even gentle and caring with his littlest assistant, Connor Claire, and (reluctantly) allows her to rub his fur the wrong way, squeeze his tail a little too hard, and apply awkward kisses between his ears and on his cheeks.

Such a sweet boy! (Please don’t tell anyone.)

Because tabby boys are the best boys, they deserve props -- through socks! These red and white striped socks have the cutest gray tabby design on the heel, so with every step you take, you’re reminded of your very best friend.

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• Available in one size, a women's shoe size 5-10 (U.S.)
• Imported, expect longer than usual shipping time
• Cotton blend

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