Tender Tabby Wristwatch

Connor Claire

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  • Tender Tabby Wristwatch
  • Tender Tabby Wristwatch
  • Tender Tabby Wristwatch
  • Tender Tabby Wristwatch

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I'm not saying that wearing the Tender Tabby Wristwatch will solve all of your time management issues, because, after all, it's a timepiece, not a Christmas miracle.

You may still arrive 30 minutes late to your cousin Betty's cat's quinceañera (hint: always budget at least 10 extra minutes if you're going to do winged liner), but the Tender Tabby Wristwatch has been clinically proven to cut down on dilly-dallying.

You will be compelled to frequently glance at the cute cat on this watch throughout the day (because he/she is SO DARNED SWEET), thereby saving yourself precious time.

I mean, just look at those loving eyes! Tabs makes that face every once in a blue boom after I feed him gravy, but he never does it solely out of the kindness of his heart.

I get a little verklempt whenever I see that Tender Tabby ticking away on my wrist...

I know you're probably thinking, "KAREN, GET TO YOUR POINT ALREADY," so here it is: a byproduct of glancing at this sweet kitty on your wrist throughout the day is that you will also be checking the time, which leads to a reduction in running late.

Theoretically speaking, of course. 😁

Please note that this is an imported item, which takes longer to ship. After your order is processed, it will take 3-4 weeks to arrive at your doorstep.

• 38mm case
• Imported, expect longer than usual shipping time
• Buckle closure, faux leather band
• Quartz movement
• Metal alloy
• Glass face

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