Lucky Black Cat Headband

Connor Claire

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  • Lucky Black Cat Headband
  • Lucky Black Cat Headband
  • Lucky Black Cat Headband
  • Lucky Black Cat Headband

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I'm a cat.

I am a cat.

Cat, am I.


Say it all you want, sister, but nobody’s gonna believe you’re a living, breathing kitty cat until they see the ears, which is why you need the Lucky Black Cat Headband. Convince all those pesky naysayers that you are, indeed, an actual feline. MRRROW! 😺

This plush black and pink velvet headband broadcasts to the world that, yes, you are indeed a cat, but it also has the handy-dandy bonus of holding your hair back, which is oh, so useful when you're removing your makeup or doing your FOTD (that's "face of the day" in makeup-speak, if you were unaware).

The Lucky Black Cat Headband also comes in handy when you're applying skin care products, too, because, let's get real, seems like everyone and their mama has a 10-step skin care regimen that involves at least two toners and three serums.

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