Makeup Nerd Socks

Connor Claire

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What the heck do you mean, your feet are cold?! It’s a right, not a privilege, for those toes to feel toasty. Why, you should encase those precious paws in a pair of snuggly socks!

And not just any snuggly socks. You need socks that make an impact. Socks that say something BIG. Statement Socks, with a capital "S." 

You need socks that scream from the rooftops, "Hey, World, do you know what I am?! Because if you don’t know what I am, I’m about to make it very, very clear! I am, and always will be, a makeup nerd! To the core! So you BETTER fear my tapered brushes and my wrath, MWHAHAHAHA!"

But that, of course, would be a very, very long string of sentences to print on a maybe, just this once, we’ll take the succinct route and tell everyone that we’re just makeup nerds instead.

These adorable makeup nerd socks caress your feet in a cushioned cloud of 60% nylon, 22% cotton and 18% spandex. With the exception of the hot pink and white printed makeup nerd logo, everything else on the sock is black, because let’s face it -- everything, even sassy statement socks such as these, looks better in black.

• Thick ribbing, which provides a secure fit
• Cushioned for maximum comfort
• Bold, crisp colors that won’t fade
• 60% nylon, 22% cotton, 18% spandex
• Cold wash with like colors and hang dry
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