Cat Eye Club | 8"x10" Art Print

Connor Claire

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  • Cat Eye Club | 8"x10" Art Print
  • Cat Eye Club | 8"x10" Art Print
  • Cat Eye Club | 8"x10" Art Print

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Cat eyes aren't just for cats and makeup looks. They're a way of life. I mean, try to imagine a world without cat eyes... Now quickly un-imagine it, because that thought is just too tragic.

I think we should start a group for like-minded cat eye lovers and meet once a week to wax philosophic about the thickness of our lines and the angles of our wings. It could be a place to debate the merits of gel versus liquid liner, a safe haven where we can talk about anything and everything related to cat eyes.

And we could call it...the Cat Eye Club!

The Cat Eye Club Art Print is printed on thick, durable museum-quality matte paper, archival and acid-free. Hang it in your makeup room, bedroom, office, powder room or any place you want to add a sweet touch of cat eye inspiration to your walls (frame not included). Available in two sizes: 8"x10" and a much larger 16"x20" poster print.

My friend Anna Oh created this lovely piece of artwork, by the way, and she's awesomesauce. She's an illustrator who's made cool, creative work for brands like Miu Miu, and she's the nicest person. Plus, her cat eyes are always hella on point.

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