Glitter Galaxy | 8"X10" Art Print

Connor Claire

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  • Glitter Galaxy | 8"X10" Art Print
  • Glitter Galaxy | 8"X10" Art Print

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The Glitter Galaxy Art Print was one of those happy accidents. One day, doop-da-doo, I was doing my makeup and thought, "Hmm... This eye makeup could use a little glitter," so I grabbed a jar, but then -- WHOOPS! -- I accidentally dropped it.

My first reaction was, "NOOOOOOO!" because it's never fun to spill glitter. It ends up all over the place -- in your bra, in your brows, on the carpet, in your cat's fur... I mean, it's such a pain.

But then I looked at the mess and realized, "That would be such a pretty print." And that's how the Glitter Galaxy Art Print was born.

The Glitter Galaxy Art Print is printed on thick, durable museum-quality matte paper, archival and acid-free. Display it near your makeup station (perhaps beside a pot of glitter), or hang it on a wall in your makeup room (frame not included). Available in two sizes: 8"x10" and a much larger 16"x20" poster print. 

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