Rainbow Brights iPhone Case

Connor Claire

$ 24.00 

  • Rainbow Brights iPhone Case
  • Rainbow Brights iPhone Case
  • Rainbow Brights iPhone Case
  • Rainbow Brights iPhone Case
  • Rainbow Brights iPhone Case
  • Rainbow Brights iPhone Case

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Not to get too deep on you or anything, but I really do believe that makeup changed the way I see the world.

I know that might sound silly, because it's often called a frivolous, superficial thing, but playing with eyeshadow and lipstick and color has changed my point of view.

Now, when I walk through a garden, I don't just see flowers 🌷🌹🌳 and trees.

Well, I mean, sometimes I do...but sometimes I also see an ombre sunset 🌞 eyeshadow combo.

Or, sometimes when I see a full, luscious 🌲 tree, I start picking out all of the different greens, like olive, pear, pickle, emerald...

Dude, there are SO MANY GREENS!

I call it "looking through my makeup lens," and it's where I got the idea for the 🌈 Rainbow Brights iPhone case.

I was organizing my eye makeup one day...

"Organizing." LOL! I use that term loosely. 😁

Anyway! I was organizing my makeup one day, when I thought, "Hmm... What if I do an eye look with these colors? Ooh! -- something with a gradient!"

I whipped out my camera, snapped a few pics, and this was the result.

I like to joke that this case adds at least 20 products to however many products you have on your person at any given moment, so if someone asks you how much makeup you have on you (which, for some reason, happens to me a lot), you can show them the Rainbow Brights iPhone case and say, "THIS MUCH, HOMIE! I'VE GOT THIS MUCH MAKEUP ON ME RIGHT NOW."

This sleek, lightweight case has a one-piece construction to fit your phone perfectly and protect it from scratches, dust, oil and dirt. And it's easy to snap on and off.

• Hybrid thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and polycarbonate (PC) material
• Precisely aligned holes for all of your phone's buttons and features
• Solid polycarbonate back
• Flexible, see-through polyurethane sides
• 0.5 mm raised bezel

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