Lucky Cat Mug

Connor Claire

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  • Lucky Cat Mug
  • Lucky Cat Mug
  • Lucky Cat Mug
  • Lucky Cat Mug
  • Lucky Cat Mug

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Are you ready for a highlighting Harmonic Convergence? The Lucky Cat Mug will align the Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus to help you conquer your days AND your makeup. 😸

She'll help you find a fabulous new lipstick whenever you visit a makeup counter. She'll lead you to your dream mascara -- the one that gives you the fringe of a '40s film noir starlet. And she'll even wash your makeup brushes while you nap!


Maneki Neko Lucky Cat MugPerhaps she will, and perhaps she won't. To be honest, cats are fickle, but the three cute cats on the Lucky Cat Mug are maneki-neko, 招き猫, which means "beckoning cat" in Japanese. Their paws are raised to welcome good fortune for their owner.

This 11-oz. ceramic mug happily holds coffee, tea, brushes, eyeliners, or all of the pens on my desk that no longer work (WHY DO I DO THIS?).

Each of the three fortuitous felines on the Lucky Cat Mug holds a different makeup accessory. One is holding a lipstick in her paw, another holds a makeup brush, and the third kitty wields a mascara wand.  

• Ceramic
• Dishwasher safe
• Microwave safe
• White and glossy

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